Friday, March 20, 2009

Two different formats for a homily?

Some who come to this site like to read what they find here, and reflect on the Scripture passages that are proclaimed on Sunday in many of the Christian churches around the world. Others are looking for thoughts and ideas which they themselves can use to preach that message to those who will come to hear them.
With two such different purposes in mind, some people will want to take the homily as a whole text, maybe download it, and think over how they would preach a similar message. Others want just to read it through on their monitor, and let it lead them into their own meditation.
For that reason, some of the homilies presented here will appear in two forms. A straight text is one. The second is a text divided into thought segments, somewhat the way poetry often is -and the way liturgical speech frequently is in our worship books. Please use whichever you find better suited to your needs.